Fibre Optic Modems

 Fibre Optic Modema. Fibre Optic Modem that provides reliable, synchronous transmission over fibre, at data rates between 70 bps to 10Mbps

Fibre Optic Modemb.Fibre optic modems that carries 4 independent BRI with 2B and 1D channel. This modem is available for multi-mode or single-mode fibre, covering the distance of 4, 8, 30 and 60 km.

 Multiplexerc.It is a fibre optic modem that multiplexes 4x E1 or T1 and 2x Ethernet 10/100BaseT interfaces. The FO4E1T1 is a fibre optic multiplexer of 4x E1, 2 Mbps G703 or 4x T1, 1.544 Mbps interfaces, and an Ethernet / IP traffic. This fibre optic modem transports the 4x E1/T1 interfaces with a full clock transparency and independence with a minimum excursion of 200 ppm. It is aimed at connected PBX, Base Stations, ISDN T2, and any E1/T1 based equipment.

 Optic Modemd.It is a new generation, cost effective and highly manageable fibre optic modem or media converter, aimed at transporting an E1 or T1 interface over a fibre optic link.

Fibre Optic Modeme.Aimed at transporting a G703 E3 or T3 interface. Thanks to a choice of fibre optic interfaces or SFP module, the FOE3T3 extends E3 & T3 links over distances of 4 km up to 200 km with SFP or single fibre WDM. This product is very convenient to transport E3/T3-DS3 in shorter distance instead of dual coax cable.

Fibre Optic Modemf.It is used to deploy high rate Leased Lines in Local Loop as well by enterprise or administration to extend the line customer premise or to interconnect router or unstructured applications like video codec, data from encrypted serial system in military domain.

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