Energy Management


Our vast expertise in Energy and Sustainability enables us to expand our portfolio for our clients who want best manage their Energy resources hence enabling them to reduce energy related costs in their business.

Techwass Consulting offers specially tailored energy management services to its clients through technology, innovation, best practices to achieve profitability by reducing costs, enhancing efficiency and complying with legislative requirements.

Techwass provides a range of business energy services and solutions that are designed to reduce utilities management costs and associate resources along with consultancy services on all forms of EU and UK Energy legislation so that your business can get the maximum return from compliance.

Our energy consultants have specialist legislative compliance experience our dedicated team are on hand to help.

Complementing our procurement expertise, our energy services are designed to ensure that you can significantly reduce your energy costs. For most businesses we can identify further savings through one or more of the following:

  • Integration of Cost Effective Alternate Technologies;
  • Carbon Credit Arrangements & Solutions
  • Bill Validation
  • Energy Data Analysis
  • Metering Management
  • Energy Procurement
  • Energy Policy, Strategy and Compliance Services

Integration of Cost Effective Alternate Technologies

Rising energy bills, global warming and cutting edge technological developments make it the perfect time to install a renewable energy source in your home, work place or development. Through our expert advice and support services you can save money by buying direct and purchase the very latest eco friendly products including, heating, ventilation and lighting solution. We work with our clients to choose the right products and solutions for them aiming to ensure early pack backs, increased efficiency and cost minimisation.

Carbon Credit Arrangements & Solutions


Our Carbon Reduction Commitment services are designed to assist you with CRC staging and analysing the suitability for your organisation. Our experts have many years of experience with the CRC scheme and are well equipped to deal with any queries you may have. So whether you just need help with your evidence packs, or need a fully managed service, we are there to support you throughout the process.


Climate Change Agreements are a valuable resource if your industry is covered by one, but they are also a lot of work. Even if your industry is covered, application and ongoing reporting can take up a lot of time. We can evaluate your organisation for CCA compatibility, and undertake the initial application process on your behalf. We can also manage your annual reporting and carbon emissions trading.


ESOS is Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme which came into force in July 2014. This is a piece of legislation derived from the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive (EU/2007/12). Through our ESOS services we can work with our clients to assess their compliance status with this legislation.

Bill Validation

Inaccurate billing is a major factor in financial drain for large organisations. Our bill validation services enable remote bill validation through our in house software solutions. Our bespoke software will process each item on your energy bill and identify any discrepancy. The process is automated allowing you to remotely upload bills on to specially allocated dashboard and we can evaluate the bills on your behalf and follow up any discrepancies with the suppliers on your behalf.

Energy Data Analysis

We use SAP HANA and e-Sight software to analyse your energy consumption data. Our expert analyst can provide you with your energy user trend for analysis, reporting and bill generation.

Working in collaboration with your business, our energy data analysis services can enable our clients to;

  • Ensure that their usage and billing together with accounting is up to date;
  • Ensuring correct bills are paid through historic energy bill reconciliation
  • Invoice validation and cost recovery;
  • Establish an overall breakdown of your energy usage and cost – highlighting areas where you may be wasting energy (night-time/weekend energy consumption, for example) and areas you may be able to cut back;
  • Develop a detailed account of your site’s energy usage – making it easier to see if you would be able to make considerable savings using energy efficiency equipment;
  • Calculate targets for energy use and efficiency;
  • Reporting – presenting your data in the way you need whether for financial accruals, budgets, energy management or compliance with requirements like the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme etc.

Metering Management

The metering services provided by Techwass Consulting include new connections, meter changeovers to smart meters, disconnections and unmetered electricity, amongst other services.

Energy Procurement

Our Energy Procurement Services offer convenient source to obtain latest and up to date energy price comparisons for instantaneous procurement decisions for your organisation. Our Energy Procurement Services Include:

  • Energy usage evaluation and requirement analysis;
  • Sourcing a range of energy quotes and products from large energy suppliers;
  • Expert advice to technically compare different business energy tariffs;
  • Thorough evaluation of non-commodity charges and government taxes;
  • A legal review of your supplier’s proposed contract terms;
  • Determining which energy products are most appropriate for your business and explaining the differences between our Fixed, Flexible and Basket energy contracts.

Energy Policy, Strategy & Compliance Services

Our energy experts are able to provide professional services in Energy Policy development whether national level or corporate level. Our consultants are capable and experienced to evaluate and provide advice on legislative compliance and corporate strategy development in energy sector.

Our policy, strategy and reporting team is experienced having commercial insight and global experience. Our clients benefit from our policy development and strategy consulting knowledge, combined with our talent for creating practical business solutions.

  • We help governments understand global trends, innovative Policy development, impact measurement and implementation;
  • We help companies collate, verify, interpret and disclose the impact of complex greenhouse gas emissions and enable them to redefine their strategies ensuring legislative compliance;
  • We work with business, adding value by taking a leadership position in environmental governance and helping manage corporate risks pertaining to energy and emission.

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