DSL Modems

575-h_main-wa.Modem that can be used to transmit simultaneously voice and data up to 5.696kbit/s (BIS version on 2 wires) or up to 11.392kbit/s (BIS version on 4 wires). G.shdsl-compliant (ITU-T G.991.2) – the most modern and high performance HDSL modem standard.

Verizon Westell Model611b. (Ethernet in the First Mile) modem that operates with a data rate up to 22.8Mbit/s. It is compliant to IEEE 802.3. It offers Ethernet solutions over copper pairs, transparently transporting traffic, simplifying network operations, reducing implementation costs and improving service levels. It also offers up to 4-pair bonding to increase rate and reach for a DSL service.

Fibre Optic Modemc.New generation, cost effective G.SHDSL modem aimed at transporting voice and data services over E1/T1 for fixed network operators, interconnecting BTS/MSC of mobile networks as well as connecting RF / micro wave infrastructures. It extends E1/T1 interface over very long distances and provides infrastructure cost optimizations.

Baseband Modemd.Baseband modem using symmetric and multi-rate DSL technology. This modem maximizes transmission performance over single pair copper lines. The MD 1000 allows synchronous or asynchronous point to point connections.

 MSDSL Modeme. Based on the Multi-rate Symmetrical Digital Subscriber Line technology (MSDSL), the MD 2000 maximizes transmission performance over single-pair copper lines at speed up to 2.3 Mbps while providing easy provisioning through an automatic rate/distance adjustment mechanism.

SHDSL Modemf.It is new generation of modems for the local loop extension, the transport of legacy telecom interfaces (RS530/X21/V35/V28, E1/T1, RNIS BRi), and the transport of Ethernet local area network. MD-4000 embeds the more recent G.SHDSL technologies that have been approved by ITU and ETSI for multi-rate digital transmission over the copper local loop. The G.SHDSL mode allows data transmission on multi pair cables which can carry other services such as voice or ADSL.

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