Governance, Assurance, Compliance, and Risk Management


Techwass Consulting offers expert compliance and risk management services encompassing business growth, mergers, consolidation, acquiring new firms, or divest old ones, which can lead to a complex business structure hence exposing it to governance issues or can lead them away from corporate compliance thus exposing them to internal and external risks.

Our sound IT governance, strategic risk management, assurance, compliance, and information security practices are industry complying and are tailored to client requirements throughout their transition process.

We have expertise in to achieve immediate impact and growing advantage with revitalised process improvement through increased compliance and reduced risks.

Governance, which is vital for IT activities, can be grouped into three areas: planning, administration, and business relationship management. We help our clients ensure compliance to IT governance standards and policies by establishing management controls and architecture and technology standards. Our risk management approach identifies, assesses, and mitigates threats while also managing security and disaster recovery.

Beyond establishing a governance structure and risk management processes, it is important to regularly re-evaluate all business processes to ensure the organisation is aligned with the business. We work in close coordination with our clients to align their objectives with assurance and compliance to ensure that the optimal cost structure and the appropriate best practices are in place.

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