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Software quality is no more a debate what with the number of instances that have hit headlines in recent times. While enterprises do not compromise on software quality, their approach towards ensuring it often falls prey to narrow planning and guesswork. In fact, organizations in the past have collectively lost billions of dollars owing to defects in their software. But the biggest and unaccounted loss is from the loss of reputation and brand equity.

To mitigate such exorbitant risks, business leaders demand a conscious and proactive approach towards getting an unbiased view of every piece of software developed. It is not uncommon to notice that software quality has become a Center of Excellence at most enterprises.

Quality Assurance and Testing Services from Techwass ensure that your product meets the customer expectations. We treat QA and Testing sacrosanct and complete the projects based on the agreed specifications, standards and functionality without any defects. We not only assure that the processes are in place while developing a product but also make sure the quality tests are performed for a defect-free product. The result : As an IT service provider, you have the peace of mind as you gain the customer trust and confidence.

At Techwass, we incorporate the industry best practices and years of expertise in QA and Testing to offer value and productivity to customers. We have years of experience in the development and execution of tests in client/server, Internet/web and the wireless/mobile space.

Test automation process consulting
Techwass’s core testing services help enterprises to assess and analyse their existing testing processes to evolve a testing organization that spawns best practices. As part of test automation and process consulting, our teams provide consultation in building test strategy and test plans to perform gap analysis, optimize current testing processes, thus enhancing their quality assurance capabilities.

Domain testing services
Our domain testing services feature end-to-end testing services aimed at achieving bug-free technologies. Services include manual testing, functional testing, regression testing, system testing and user acceptance testing.

Specialised testing services
With dedicated niche practices, domain expertise and CoE investments, Techwass offers specialized testing services to address specific business needs. Our specialized testing services portfolio features performance testing, internationalization testing, security testing, usability testing, mobile device and application testing.

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