IT Consultancy

Our Consultants hold a vast experience in providing bespoke IT Consultancy Services which include but not limited to;

Solution Development & Implementation

Our solution development & implementation strategy is of fundamental importance for our client’s success, whether requiring transitioning to a new system, extending an existing system or integrating with external systems. As Techwass Solution Providers we can work with our clients to achieve the profitability by enabling them to benefit from our specialist support by making best use of the system whether it is Cloud, SAP, ORACLE, JAVA or Micro Soft integrated platform.

Custom Development

In order to support client business continuity and profitability their software system must align with their core business processes. Techwass Consulting has state of the art flexibility and expertises to configure the user interface system to support unique processes and to integrate information from external systems with dedicated and round the clock support to ensure business continuity with improved performance.

ERP Consultancy & ERP Lifecycle Management

Techwass Consulting Ltd is working in close coordination with its clients from a variety of industries and of all shapes and sizes and we have enhanced our expertise to ensure best practices and quality in Enterprise Resource Planning. Our clients trust us as we are always focused to make the best use of available ERP systems so that process efficiency and accuracy is achieved in time. Our team includes qualified and experienced Business Managers, IT professionals, trainers, a Chartered accountant and a System Architects.

As an outsourcing service provider, Techwass Consulting has extensive experience in managing (Enterprise Resource Planning) ERP initiatives right from their inception (ERP conceptualisation) through to post-implementation. We work with our clients to add value to their business process. Through our strategy development and expert advice our customers are able to utilise the full potential of industry recognised ERP system implementation. Our training support also enables our clients to explore their ERP system to its full length hence maximising their performance and business profitability. We are flexible and can fit in anywhere in an ERP implementation lifecycle, immediately adding value. We are able to facilitate our clients to selecting, implementing and managing ERP system which best suits their needs and budgetary constraints.

HR/HCM, Payroll Consultancy

Our team consists of a variety of industry experts including experienced Chartered Accountants and Capital Managers who can offer professional services to employers to ensure compliance with their HR/HCM Policy and Law. In addition to the conventional HR/HCM and Payroll management services our in house SAP and Business One solution are another value addition for our clients to utilise our remote services in HR/HCM and Payroll management and analysis.

BI Tools / Data Analysis

Deep data analysis requires tools and experience to help you find the data you need to make the best decisions possible. Techwass Consulting has the tools to help you get any data out in any format to interface, report or integrate with any other system you may have, whether a spreadsheet, an internal quality application or any SAP system.

Techwass Consulting understands the vitality and timeliness of business data and the need for providing access to it on the web for instantaneous analysis. Whether you require On Line Transactional Process (OLTP) or On Line Analytical Process (OLAP) or simply you want to extract data from any source our experts can provide entire Extraction, Transformation and Loading / Reporting for you in a timely, efficient, cost effective and quality manner. Our access and expertise to SAP Business One and BI Tools also enhance our service portfolio to a variety of industries. We can help you to link your entire supply chain with technology that takes advantage of web connectivity.

Systems and Database Administration

We provide expert Computer System and Database Administration of your ERP System. Our technical consultants are experienced to best configure and administer your data and software. Our customers have kept their IT staff and costs down while adding capabilities they never had in the past.

Through our solution oriented strategy, our customers have been able to reduce their overall hardware costs while improving performance and redundancy. Additionally our customers have been able to use best practices during software upgrades without additional hardware expenses.

Software Development

Techwass Consulting has team of system developers and Architects to develop creative, pragmatic and user friendly software which are specially designed to specific customer requirements, such as enhanced accounting, payroll, sales, marketing and resource planning software. Our experts can develop exciting and engaging high-performance software applications, websites and products. Our award-winning service helps clients across the globe react to timely changing market conditions and customer demands with the speed, scale and flexibility required to maximise returns.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Services

Techwass Consulting offers its clients a state of the art content management services to conveniently organise, classify and manage documents and data, including cloud and on site solutions.

We also manage paper and digital content from creation, validation and processing to retention and archiving. Our services also automate contract management, annual customer registrations, mortgage processing, and employee benefits management together with instantaneous reporting and data retrieval services for all types and levels of public and private organisations.

E-Commerce Services

Through its global resources and expert access Techwass Consulting offers a complete portfolio of professional e-commerce services encompassing e-commerce consulting, design, implementation, systems integration, hosting, training, and support services to aid the delivery of world-class e-commerce solutions to a variety of industries and cleints.

Through our expert consulting team we help you to maximise your online channels, imparting a mix of tried and tested best practice techniques whilst working collaboratively on innovative features to provide a competitive edge hence maximising your business value.

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