Business Reports

Gain Insight into Your Overall Business Performance

Many small and midsize businesses struggle with the complexities of generating accurate and timely financial reports from company data. Most report generating tools lack the ability to gather the correct financial data and the flexibility needed to put that data in a useful format. Often businesses are forced to export data into various applications and then piece that data together to create reports that are out of date the moment they are created. With critical business decisions being made every day, you cannot afford to base those decisions on unreliable financial data.

With the SAP® Business One solution, an integrated business management solution designed specifically for small and midsize businesses, you can create up-to-the-minute reports with ease. The XL Reporter tool in SAP Business One gives you comprehensive and accurate insight into the financial status of your company. Because XL Reporter is seamlessly integrated in SAP Business One, it reports on live data drawn from a variety of sources including general ledger, receivables, payables, sales, purchasing, and inventory software, without first storing the data in OLAP cubes or in other databases.

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