Content Management System


Websites, portals, intranets and social media platforms are all doors to every enterprise today. Successful businesses are those that leverage these properties effectively to facilitate communication and information exchange. However, creating content and publishing it seamlessly and consistently is an overwhelming challenge. More so because of the technological disparity, development efforts and the exorbitant skill costs it demands. Additionally, the nature of content is such that it has to be co-created with many stakeholders and collaborators. The need of the hour is to have the capability to manage and publish content, as and when it gets created.

By engaging Techwass for seamless implementation of content management solutions, enterprises can capture content and publish it dynamically across all their internal and external facing online properties. Our partnerships with leading vendors enable us to customize solutions in line with business goals.

Enterprises can choose from an array of solutions, developed on both proprietary and open source technologies. Our teams usher in enterprise-wide efficiencies to capture, control and publish content.

Co-create content and publish dynamically across websites, intranets, business transaction content, social media, blogs, etc., thus saving discrete expenditures on multiple content management solutions.

Faster Steadier and Superior

Our ready solution stacks mean faster implementation time, greater flexibility to business change and improved business performance. Business users can customize based on roles and responsibilities of end-users/departments.

Streamlined Workflow and Processes

Our teams have the capability to configure and rollout to support wide user bases in diverse industries. Enterprises can gain visibility into information flow across processes.

Flexible Pricing and wide choice

Techwass’s expertise features both open source and proprietary technologies. This allows enterprises to choose a solution that integrates into their existing technology infrastructure. Additionally, the availability of several price points makes our solutions attractive to enterprises at any stage.

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